TUE 14 NOV | CULT Happy Hour 6 - 7pm | Screening 7:30pm | M |  CULT Cinema & Bar is an 18+ venue
Adult: $20 | Concession: $18

Why you should see this film (in 10 words or less): A rare glimpse into the twisted mind of Robert Crumb. 

Terry Zwigoff’s landmark 1995 film is an intimate documentary portrait of the underground artist Robert Crumb, whose unique drawing style and sexually provocative subject matter have made him a household name in popular American art. Zwigoff candidly and colorfully delves into the details of Crumb’s incredible career and life, including his family of reclusive eccentrics, some of the most remarkable people you’ll ever see on-screen. At once a profound biographical portrait, a riotous examination of a man’s controversial art, and a devastating look at a troubled family, Crumb is a genuine American original.

"Through frank interviews with Crumb, his friends, lovers, wives, children, colleagues, critics and the dysfunctional Catholic family that spawned him, Zwigoff crafts a film of raucous humor and shocking gravity. You often laugh to keep from crying." – Rolling Stone