Taxi Driver 

TUE 7 NOV | CULT Happy Hour 6 - 7pm |  Screening 7:00pm | R18+ |  CULT Cinema & Bar is an 18+ venue
Adult: $20 | Concession: $18

Why you should see this film (in 10 words or less): “You talkin’ to me?” It never gets old.

Imagine Hitchcock’s Psycho told from the point of view of its title character, and you have a rough idea of Taxi Driver. This riveting 1976 film is at once a thriller, a psychological case study, an exploration of the eroticism of violence, a political commentary and a horror melodrama of steamy New York.  It was also a turning point in the careers of all its principal creators: director, Martin Scorsese; the screenwriter, Paul Schrader; the star, Robert De Niro; and, then, very young featured actress, Jodie Foster.

“Taxi Driver is almost impossibly perfect: it’s hard to think of another film that creates such an evocative tone, of dread blended with pity, loathing, savage humour and an edge of New York cool.”
- Time Out