The Eyes Of My Mother 

THU 16 NOV | CULT Happy Hour 6 - 7pm | Screening 7:30pm | MA15+ |  CULT Cinema & Bar is an 18+ venue
Adult: $20 | Concession: $18

Why you should see this film (in 10 words or less): A truly terrifying, engrossing horror. Not just hype.

One of the most disturbing horror films of 2016, EYES OF MY MOTHER lingers with you long after the final credits roll. The film follows Francisca, a young, lonely woman who becomes consumed by her deepest and darkest desires after tragedy strikes her quiet country life. Shot in mesmeric black and white, THE EYES OF MY MOTHER bucks traditional horror tropes to create what could be considered a new style of American Gothic. Magnificently horrific Nicolas Pesce’s debut feature is a deliciously gorgeous nightmare that simultaneously seduces and abhors.

“An exquisite waking nightmare, its meticulous monochrome imagery caressing the eye even as the filmmaker brandishes a scalpel before it.”
- Variety